Sukendi Electronic Elements

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Sukendi Electronic Elements

Entrusted by a renowned Japanese semi-conductor manufacturer, the company is responsible for manufacturing all electronic elements on the import air conditioner circuit control panel, including the capacitance, resistance, switch, connector, relay, current, voltage protector, amplifier, diode, triode, integrated circuit, intelligent module, transformer, crystal oscillator, battery and various kinds of insulators.

As there’re some a hundred of electronic element brands, each featuring scores of and a growing body of models that vary in both appearance and structure, we conducted publicity of the knowledge about all electronic elements, sorted out the models and classified for declaration before the project launch.

Since many of the electronic elements entail the strong 3C certificates, we need to sort out which of them could apply for 3C extra-catalog certificate and 3C free certificate. According to the stocking frequency of the clients, transact the 3C extra-catalog certificate for big accounts, medium accounts and individual business. Besides, we shall sort out the battery archiving and the green energy identifiers.

Clients always propose strict requirements on timeliness of the goods. In principle, goods shipped by sea shall be delivered to the factory 3-4 days upon their arrival, while those shipped by air 1 day upon their arrival. The Project Manager begin to track the goods 1 month ahead of the shipment schedule, and keep a close eye to the arrival of goods at the port, document change, document making, declaration, inspection, guardian inspection and delivery, wasting no time at all. Thus, within the 8 years from the project launch to now, the delivery rate reaches 99.4%.

For each Customs inspection, the Project Manager arranges and checks the goods on site at the Customs and answers various questions with his professional knowledge. Though there’re plenty of sorts of electronic elements, it’s quite easy to be detained by the Customs, postponing the clearing time. With our efforts, we ensure our goods are 100% cleared by the Customs in each inspection.

Since our electronic elements must be kept away from humidity and vibration, we give strict training on our site inspectors, dock men, warehouse keeper for air carriage, and delivery truck driver, and formulate a set of operation procedures for contact with goods, to ensure any goods are placed and collected gently, kept away from humidity and vibration, and all unsealed cartons are well sealed and arranged.

Through our commitment to our clients, in-depth research of the products and collaborative advantages on the platform of ADP, we’ve done good jobs to win praise among our clients.

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